Bliss Pack


What Is Bliss-Pack?

Bliss Pack is a personalized medication organization program to help you organize and manage your medications and supplements for a simple and worry free experience.


How Does Bliss-Pack Work?

Our specialized pharmacists will conduct a medication review and assessment to ensure there are no potential drug interactions and that you are taking your medications at optimal times, creating a personal schedule that best fits you, your life style, and medical conditions.

Bliss-Pack Options

Our pharmacy team will organize your prescriptions, OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements all in one, easy to use, blister packaging system.

Different blister packaging options are available:

  • Weekly Bliss-Pack will organize your therapy into four daily regimens for a 7 day period.
  • Monthly Bliss-Pack will organize your therapy into once daily administration of all your medications for a 30-day period.


Bliss-Pack can be either picked up at our pharmacy, delivered or mailed to your home or work at no additional cost. Ask a pharmacy team member for details.

Benefits of Bliss-Pack?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have taken your medication? Or have you ever taken extra doses by accident? Are you overwhelmed with organizing your medications? Bliss-Pack will simplify your therapies with its many great benefits!

  • Safety: Patients get the correct medication at the proper times. No missed or double doses.
  • Adherence: It's easy to see if the medications were taken or missed.
  • Professional Monitoring: Our pharmacy staff will review drug interactions and help you stay safe and compliant with therapies.
  • Convenience: No more worrying about organizing medication on your own or guessing when to take your medications.

Who May Benefit from Bliss-Pack?

Bliss-Pack is designed for anyone who is looking to simplify their lives or get the most out of their medications. Those who may benefit include:

  • Patients taking three or more medications multiple times a day.
  • Seniors on chronic medications.
  • Caretakers for elderly or children.
  • Patients with Alzheimers, visual impairment, mental conditions, etc.
  • Patients with busy lives.


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